Encrypted Transfer v2.0

Use this free service to pass sensitive information to others. It's not a replacement for other encryption tools, but you should definitely use "Encrypted Transfer" rather than plain text emails to send your information.
How it works?
- Submit your sensitive information and password required to open it.
- The system will generate a unique URL for this.
- Send the URL to intended recipient.
- Recipient uses the URL within 30 days.
- Sensitive information is revealed to the recipient.
Why is it safer than using email, msn messenger, skype etc?
- Protects your information using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael) encoding
- Information is transferred using SSL.
- Unique URL and password required to access information.
- SHA1 one way encryption for password/unique key.
- Information is deleted from the server after 30new (previously 7) days.
- Brute force attack protection.
- Use of salt at multiple places to ensure reverse SHA1 databases don't work.new
- better use of random function and better escaping tools to prevent misusenew
- Forced no-cache headersnew
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